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February 28, 2022 1 min read

Arsenal and Adidas will produce a remake of the 1991 bruised banana to be released in January 2020.

When Arsenal and Adidas joined forces again in the summer there was a lot of anticipation about whether or not they would bring back the famous "bruised banana".

The "bruised banana" is the most divisive football shirt in history. Some love it. Others hate it.

My other one, I liked the Arsenal ’92 yellow-and-black away kit. People hate that, I love it! I saw Dennis Pennis [played by Paul Kaye] once at Highbury wearing it, and that really cemented in my opinion that it was one of the greatest shirts of all time.

Chris Scull

Footy Headlines report that along with the bruised banana, Arsenal and Adidas will bring back a range of items inspired by the kits of the early 90s, like these George Graham inspired track tops.

The track top's come in an early 90s style with the old Arsenal crest. Whilst it is great that Adidas and Arsenal are building on their heritage but nothing beats and original to me.

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