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February 28, 2022 1 min read

Football shirt designer Fokohaela has designed this immense Arsenal tribute to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Do the Right Thing. We spoke to the man himself find out about his inspiration and process.

The shirt has traditional Arsenal crest on an Umbro shirt with base inspired by designs from Do the Right Thing. As you'd expect with Fokohaela there are loads of nice little features such as the Love Arsenal, Hate Spurs on the sleeves, inspired by his love of Arsenal and time living in New York.

There wasn't really an inspiration per se, but I imagine having lived in NYC for 8 years and being an Arsenal and Wrighty fan, somehow, the worlds collided.

I didn't have the idea for a long time. The wordplay with "right" and "Wright" clicked, and once that happened, it felt appropriate, given the nature of the film and Ian's background.

Once the idea comes, the rest happens quickly. The play on "LOVE" and "HATE" for example was instantaneous as well as the aesthetic for the "8" and Spurs as Public Enemy.

In general, when I design, everything comes at once. It's not a case of brooding over a design or making it work. It just happens.

I think a lot of it for me personally, is because I get a lot of info from Twitter and podcasts when I work. I don't listen to music. So then lots of disparate ideas ping about.


We think it is absolutely glorious.

Check out the collection of Fokohaela's custom shirtshere.

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