Chris Scull picked a random player to have on the back of his first West Ham shirt

If you had to pick one West Ham player from the 1993 squad who would you choose?  Quite a specific question I know but it’s one Chris Scull answered in interview for Your First Football Shirt.

Chris, Michael & Josh from Quickly Kevin shared their first and favourite shirts for Your First Football Shirt – a book of 30 interviews and illustrations raising money for CALM + Willow.

Listen to the podcast here and read Chris Scull’s extract below.

Your first football shirt


A West Ham 1993 home shirt that I got in the club store and I can still remember the smell of the club store, it was so exciting, and I had Martin Allen put on the back.

At the time, his name was on the back as “Allen M.” – I don’t know why, it’s not a thing. That was my first ever shirt; it was lovely.

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Your favourite football shirt


Weirdly, I think it was the 1992 England red away. I think we might have worn it for Euro 92, that was the best England kit I think we’ve ever had. Really deep red with the blue collar.

  • You can grab that England shirt here.

1991 93 Arsenal Adidas away

My other one, I liked the Arsenal ’92 yellow-and-black away kit. People hate that, I love it! I saw Dennis Pennis [played by Paul Kaye] once at Highbury wearing it, and that really cemented in my opinion that it was one of the greatest shirts of all time.

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