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February 28, 2022 2 min read

Ever get that feeling when you're scrolling through Insta or Twitter and a vintage shirt catches your eye, forcing you to stop and stare?

Joshua Gibbons is a master at taking photos that produce that exact same reaction, time and time again.

As you get up close and personal with kits like the Inter Milan 2000 home shirt, or Nigeria's 1994 design, the details call out to you like a siren to a sailor.

For Inter Milan, it’s all about that high neck. Seriously, how many shirts can you think of that boast such a wonderfully in-your-face collar. It looks like something you’d expect to see on a 90s goalkeeper shirt, and it works like a treat for the Nerazzurrihere.

On the Nigerian side, this ‘94 shirt was probably the most famous Super Eagleskit of all time before 2018 happened. Don’t let that take anything away though, the 1994 home is the perfect example of how to incorporate a cultural pattern in a clean, impactful way, and the end result is gorgeous.

Even template designs (like the one below from Puma, which features a stunning typeface that complements the pattern of the kit) are given a new lease of life thanks to Joshua's photography.

It's not just the Inter Milan shirts and Puma shirts that speak out to you though. The faces of the people wearing the kits tell stories of their own. Agony, ecstasy, and everything in between is conveyed with every expression, and in many ways the shirts act more as just one chapter in a rich, complex narrative rather than the beginning and end of the tale.

You can see more beautiful shots over at Joshua's Insta.



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