Fan memories

Paul Wilson: My first Everton shirt

We caught up with Paul Wilson, football writer for the Guardian and the Observer, to talk royal blue Everton shirts, broken noses and diving headers.

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Is this Manchester City’s best ever shirt?

Like most clubs, they’ve also had some absolute rotters over the seasons. Rewind to the Le Coq Sportif era between 1999 and 2009. Pretty much every kit Man City produced made them look like a Sunday league side. Like this one from 2008:

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If Manchester City’s Yaya Toure worked in an office…

Yaya was livid. Despite having loads of annual leave left in the financial year, he’d deliberately not booked his birthday off. He’d hoped his colleagues and bosses would shower him with praise for his excellent work this past year and, of course, bring him a cake with tea in the afternoon. Maybe they’d drink prosecco from plastic cups and Pep, his line manager, would even say a few words to everyone near the photocopiers, like Manuel had done on Raheem’s 21st.

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