Michael Mardens favourite Manchester United shirt is a “work of art”

Manchester United have had some spectacular away shirts over the years but nothing comes close to the 1990-92 Manchester United away shirt.

Michael, Chris & Josh from Quickly Kevin shared their first and favourite shirts for Your First Football Shirt – a book of 30 interviews and illustrations raising money for CALM + Willow.

Listen to the podcast here and read Michael Mardens extract below.

Your first football shirt

A red Liverpool Crown Paints shirt. My uncle on my mum’s side – they’re all Liverpool fans and they tried to convert me to be a Liverpool fan – he would send me on my birthdays and Christmases Liverpool shirts, and he sent me that one.

So, the next year I turned up on my birthday to Liverpool wearing a Man United shirt. He didn’t speak to me again.

Your favourite football shirt


I’ve got two, if that’s allowed. Number one is the Manchester United away, the sort of herringbone ‘90-’92 era, the long-sleeve version of that one is a work of art. My other one is the West Germany 1990 international kit. Two hall-of-famers for me.

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Your favourite football moment

Zamorano v Stam

The moment that stuck with me the most was a very minor one in the 1990s when Jaap Stam was playing for Man United and we were against Inter Milan in the quarter-finals [of the Champions League].

He was up against [Ivan] Zamorano, there’s obviously about a foot height difference, but he backs into him and sort of tries to elbow Jaap Stam, and he’s like a brick wall, he doesn’t move at all.

So then Zamorano goes forward and backs into him even harder and Jaap Stam doesn’t flinch, he just looks down at him in a way that someone could just snap you in half and Zamorano just coils away in fear. That’s my absolute favourite moment of Nineties football.

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