From Arsenal’s bruised banana to Manchester United’s herringbone. Quickly Kevin have some smart favourite football shirts

Josh, Chris & Michael from the Quickly Kevin podcast did a special recording for our Your First Football Shirt campaign about their favourite football shirt with some pretty bold choices.  Denmark x Hummel, Arsenal’s bruised banana and 1990’s United shirts.

  • Have a listen to the podcast here and back Your First Football Shirt here.

Josh Widdicombe – Denmark

Denmark, hummel, 1986

I love that Denmark one from the Eighties, the Hummel one, it’s absolutely beautiful. I haven’t done it as a drunk-eBay purchase because it’s £200, I’ve checked. I don’t know how I’d smuggle it into the house.

Michael Marden – Manchester United

Ryan Giggs in 1991 Manchester United away shirt

I’ve got two, if that’s allowed. Number one is the Manchester United away, the sort of herringbone ’90-’92 era, the long-sleeve version of that one is a work of art. My other one is the West Germany 1990 international kit. Two hall-of-famers for me.

Chris Scull – Arsenal


Weirdly, I think it was the 1992 England red away. I think we might have worn it for Euro 92, that was the best England kit I think we’ve ever had. Really deep red with the blue collar. My other one, I liked the Arsenal ’92 yellow-and-black away kit. People hate that, I love it! I saw Dennis Pennis [played by Paul Kay] once at Highbury wearing it, and that really cemented in my opinion that it was one of the greatest shirts of all time.

Have a listen to the Quickly Kevin podcast here and back Your First Football Shirt here.


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