Aaron Flanaghan’s favourite Manchester City goal will make you want a massive group hug

We caught up with Aaron Flanaghan to talk purple kappa shirts, Kevin Horlock bossing the Manchester City midfield and days out at Wembley.

What was your first football shirt?

My first ever football shirt was a rather eye-catching Manchester City away shirt. The purple tone was something of a first for Manchester City, who had previously only worn red and black away kits. The shirt is not to dissimilar to the rumoured away kit of City for the 2012/13 season, which is supposed to have been styled on the 1992 design.

What is your favourite football shirt?

It is possibly the most iconic Manchester City shirt in history, due to its significance in the club’s recent development. The electric yellow and navy striped shirt became something of a talking point in the club when it was released, because a kit quite so bright had never been seen before. Man City wore the shirt at Wembley in 1999 as they scored twice in stoppage time to help them go on to gain promotion in the play-off final.

What is your favourite goal?

My favourite goal was actually in the match I state above at Wembley. My Dad was fortunate enough to have got tickets in the very top tier (effectively a royal and VIP gallery at the top of Wembley) behind the goal. While looking down and out of the game, even after Kevin Horlock scored his 91st minute goal, City still needed another to progress. In comes Paul Dickov, who fires a shot into the roof of the net. It was absolute chaos at the top of Wembley Stadium. The one thing I remember about the goal was the massive group hug that all of the supporters around us had as the goal went in. Without that goal, I truly believe that Manchester City would not be where they are today.

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