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February 05, 2022 1 min read

In these strange days, illustrators are like beacons of light in the content landscape. As matches continue to be on pause, designers across the world are still doing their thing in creative and interesting ways.

One such designer is Ifrha. 


The Buckinghamshire-based illustrator recently started a series picking out some of the great team x sponsor combinations over the years, and it’s right up our street.

There's a nod to Fiorentina x 7UP, the GOAT of all sponsor x team combinations. You'll also see tributes to the glorious Sharp years at Manchester United, and alongside sponsor related designs there's an incredibly nostalgic image evoking memories of England at Euro 1996.


Go and check out more of Ifrha’s work over on Insta, and look forward to more nostalgic, sponsor-related content in the coming weeks here featuring Ifrha’s wonderful designs.

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