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February 05, 2022 3 min read

Who doesn’t love a Kappa shirt?

The Italian brand might not cast as wide a shadow across the kit world as Nike or adidas, but they have stood tall as one of the most creative and beautiful shirt makers over the years, from their early days with Juventus to their modern creations with Napoli.

Kappa were the brand behind the incredible Kombat kits at the turn of the millennium, which showcased what was possible with material innovation. The explicit use of the Kappa logo on sleeves led to some gorgeous designs which remain the pinnacle of hipster, nostalgic kit culture decades after their original appearances.

As we did with our best USA ‘94 shirts list, we asked Twitter to help us compile a list of the best Kappa shirts of all time, and the results were predictably stunning.

An impossible task?

Forza27 summed up the feelings of many as we began.

Juventus and Kappa is a good place to start

Juve were Kappa’s first big break, so they seem like a natural place to start our Kappa love-in.

Kappa were on fire with Barcelona too

Of course, Barcelona Kappa kits will always have a special place in our hearts.

The joy of Kappa Real Betis shirts (including one with a hidden secret)

Did you know, the pattern of this Betis shirt is actually comprised of a giant “K” (and a sneaky “a”)? An already stunning shirt just gets better. 

And basically every Betis Kappa shirt is god-tier.

How could we forget about the Kappa years at Roma?

Of course, it helps when players like Batigol and Totti wear your kits.

We might not immediately think of Ajax when it comes to Kappa, but maybe we should

Let’s not forget about the wonderful Kappa Man City shirts

A partnership which we celebrated in a recent blog.

Any discussion on the greatest shirts wouldn’t be complete without Sampdoria

Kappa XI

Kitkingdom offered up a full 11 of Kappa shirts! An impressive teamsheet to say the least.

Read our guide to tell if your kappa shirt is fake or legit and follow us on Twitter for more of this chat.

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