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February 05, 2022 3 min read

USA ‘94 was a special World Cup for shirts.

Of course, every World Cup has its share of gems in terms of kits, but 1994 can certainly stake a claim as the best collection of summer shirts ever.

We asked Twitter to show us their favourite kits, and the responses were wonderfully varied. Going in the iconic USA 1994 away shirt (you know, the denim one) was probably the closest thing we could have to a possible ‘favourite’, but in reality that was just the tip of the iceberg…

1994 USA shirt

As expected, USA’s away shirt was one of the stars (sorry) of the show.

Andrew quite rightly picked out the USA home,a shirt which was only worn once as the away took centre stage. On reflection it’s a real shame we didn’t see more of this.

1994 Germany shirt

There was a lot of love for the Germany kit, with some people even daring to suggest this was better than the immortal 1990 kit. An unpopular opinion perhaps, but not one without some merit.

adidas in general dominated proceedings, with efforts like the Bulgaria and Sweden kits proving to be very popular (and rightly so).

1994 Nigeria shirt

Nigeria also had a wonderful away kit that year, a design which would surely receive a similar reception to the recent Nigeria creations were it released in the modern day.

1994 Italy shirt

Despite reaching the final, Italy’s kit seems like something of an underrated look. Perhaps the heartbreak of that penalty miss still hurts…

1994 Mexico goalie shirt

Who can forget some of the great keeper kits we saw also? Campos and co were virtually on another planet that year.

And when all was said and done, Adam Hurrey arguably won the day with this trio of adidas designs from his personal collection. If you’re not jealous after seeing this you’re on the wrong site.

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