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February 28, 2022 2 min read

2020 Atletico Madrid home shirt review

Amongst a flurry of kit releases over the past week, I’m most excited about the new 2020 Atletico Madrid home kit.

Atleti shirts are at their best with a collar in my opinion, (see 2006, 2009, 2014 etc.), so I’m very happy to see Nike return to the look for 2020. We’ve even got a healthy two buttons (as opposed to the typical one button look which has dominated recent seasons), and a complementary navy side trim to match the colour of the collar.

In terms of stripe thickness, we return to a slightly thicker look in contrast to the thinner stripes of 2019, and said stripes also give something of a painted-on look. Nike have struck a good balance here; it would have been easy to double down with something like streaks or brush strokes, but I’m glad they’ve kept the stripes nice and clear.

Though the sponsor adds nothing to the look, and the Vaporknit texture doesn’t feel as at home as with the 2020 Barca kit, this is still a wonderful kit. It’s probably an inch or two behind my favourite Nike Atletico kit from 2009, but it stands head and shoulders above anything we’ve seen since then.

5/5 stars

So the 2020 Atletico Madrid home shirt joins the 5 club. What other shirts have scored 5 stars? How about Forward Madison's new shirt (you need to see it to believe it!).

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