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February 28, 2022 2 min read

2020 Celtic home shirt review

From the evidence of my social feeds in recent months, few shirts have been as hyped as Celtic’s first collaboration with adidas.

As the home shirt finally dropped, the rumours were confirmed, with Hoops fans being greeted with a traditional take on their classic design.

So polarising were the New Balance shirts of the past five seasons, it is hard not to compare this new shirt with its predecessors. The return of full hoops on the sleeves ensures that the design is tied together and keeps its classic look, while the traditional collars have also been ditched in favour of the crew-neck collar, again an improvement that keeps this top streamlined in design.

The gold lining on the collar and sleeve trims works well, as it always does with the green and white colour scheme, and the golden clover on the shirt’s back is a nice finishing touch. 

I thought that we might get something slightly bolder in this design, even a golden adidas logo, or some form of pattern on the hoops. But I understand adidas’ tact of keeping it simple for the first release.

The real challenge, as New Balance found, will come in the following seasons when they start to push the boat out more and more with their designs. 

4/5 stars

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