How Bolo Zenden helped design the shiny gold 2001 Barcelona away shirt

It takes guts to pull off a gold shirt, but Barcelona took the plunge in the early 00s to dazzling effect.

In an interesting video clip, ex-Nike Creative Directing Manager Craig Buglass has revealed that a certain Bolo Zenden was partly responsible for the memorable gold away shirt which Barça wore between 2001-2003.

According to Craig, who was responsible for Barcelona’s kits at the time, an interview with Zenden led to the idea that the team could wear a gold shirt, as a nod to the storied success of the club. Nike ran with the idea, and a classic of the early 00s was born.

The shiny 2001 Barcelona away shirt was a nice followup to the silver away kits worn by the side in the years prior to its release, and as Craig mentions in the clip there was even an accompanying set of gold tracksuits, even shinier than the match shirts!

It’s worth noting that Bolo Zenden transferred to Chelsea at the end of the 2000/01 season, and sadly didn’t get a chance to wear the shirt that he helped bring to life.

The video clip of the 2001 Barcelona away shirt in this piece was taken from an excerpt of the new football shirt academy, Spark Design Academy. The academy was set up by Rob Warner and Craig Buglass, two designs with extensive experience in the shirt industry.

You can find out more about Spark Design Academy from our extensive interview with Rob.

Phil Delves

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