Neymar x Michael Jordan – What if PSG went full Jumpman?

PSG’s partnership with the Air Jordan brand will always be seen as a game-changing moment in football shirt design and production, blurring the lines between fashion and football, and leaving the door open for fashion and streetwear brands to collaborate with some of the biggest clubs in world football.

So strong is the influence of fashion in the world of football shirts, that even concept designs are beginning to represent this shift, with today’s concept review highlighting not just a shirt, but an entire lifestyle collection for PSG, featuring Jordan influences, designed by @IL_Graphic and @nicsaa23. Let’s take a closer look at the design!

The design

While the modern-day PSG x Jordan collection focuses on new designs, this concept collection takes everything back to the source, as PSG are kitted out in a style similar to that worn by Michael Jordan in 1992. 

As his Chicago Bulls team were beginning to dominate the NBA, Jordan appeared in the famous “Nothin’ but net” McDonalds commercial, wearing a 90s-flavoured top and shorts combo that provides the inspiration for @IL_Graphic and @nicsaa23

The frantic design – featuring red, yellow, blue and purple over a black base – is repurposed to spell ‘PSG’ across the concept shirt, but is done in a way that allows the shirt’s design to still take centre stage ahead of what the graphics actually say. The jersey is then topped off with a simplistic white crest and Jumpman logo which arguably slightly throws the colour scheme off and may have worked better with a black-out look.

This same aesthetic is then also applied to a range of tracksuit tops and bottoms, t-shirts and sneakers, all of which are presented brilliantly by the designers in what looks like a real campaign launch.

But thankfully the concept designers don’t stop there. As with everything PSG do, Neymar has to be front and centre, and @IL_Graphic and @nicsaa23 have ensured he is exactly that by mocking him up in their concept threads. The subtle touch of adding ‘92’ on the back of the shirt is also a nice nod to both the first time Jordan was pictured wearing the ‘nothin’ but net’ gear (in the football city of Barcelona, no less) and to the year Neymar was born.

Beyond just that look, the FIFA-like graphics used to show Neymar wearing these designs are a new and exciting leap in the concept shirt world, and it really is an example of some amazing work from @IL_Graphic and @nicsaa23.

When will PSG x Jordan throw it back? 

Innovation and new creations usually lead to great football shirts, and have certainly done so for the range of PSG x Jordan shirts produced so far. But, adding a level of nostalgia or 90s flair to a design is another sure-fire way to guarantee success in the football shirt community – especially when you have an entire back-catalogue of Michael Jordan’s clothes from the 1990s to work with.

This concept from @IL_Graphic and @nicsaa23 gave us an insight into what that potential throwback collaboration could look like, and it really does feel like only a matter of time before two of sports’ most famous brands start looking backwards for inspiration.

Who are @IL_Graphic and @nicsaa23?

@IL_Graphic is an Argentinian-based graphic designer who has produced some great designs recently, often opting to design for teams and nations outside of the usual choices. Meanwhile, @nicsaa23 also designs concept shirts and shares some great work from other designers on his socials too!

Matt Leslie

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