Superb speckled Spurs concept kits that take inspiration from France 2018

Since the beginning of their partnership in 2018, I have been pretty disappointed with the output of shirts from Tottenham Hotspur’s relationship with Nike. The home tops have been kept too plain, the away shirts look template based, and the third kits have been an example of an experimental design gone wrong. 

Luckily, @pierreswk has restored my faith in all things Spurs related, with a set of great designs in his home, away and third kit Tottenham concept. Let’s see what he came up with!

The design

Inspired by Nike’s 2018 France away top, the classic white is kept for the home shirt, but with blue ‘hyper-specle knit’ dashed through it. I loved the design in 2018 and I love it in this concept, as it stays subtle, but gives some edge to a top that for so many years has been kept painfully plain. 

The away kit keeps the same design style and opts for a darker shade of blue rather than the light blue shade that comes up every few years. But the key here is the combination of that dark blue with yellow – traditionally Spurs’ third colour – to create a beautifully striking kit, which you cannot help but compare to the classic Boca Juniors’ shirts. 

Both the home and the away shirts are versions of the Nike Vapor Knit II template, and there is a slick, modern look to the concepts. But for the third kit, Pierre has gone for tradition, producing a shirt reminiscent of the Admiral Spurs shirts of the 1970s. 

Predominantly yellow, with blue features, the two-button collar and thin blue and white lines running horizontally keep up this traditional look, with the Nike Futura logo and shielded Spurs badge completing a great third kit concept, and rounding off a fantastic set of concepts.

What will we see from Spurs in 2020-21?

If the leaks of next season’s Spurs kits are to be believed, it seems that I might just get my wish and see a more adventurous output from Nike and the London club next season. But unfortunately, none of these leaks show anything like Pierre’s Boca-like away concept. I can only dream. 

Do you like what Nike have been producing for Spurs so far, or would you prefer to see something like Pierre’s concept? Tell us in the comments below!

Who is @pierreswk?

Pierre is a French-based concept designer who puts out simple concepts with really subtle but impressive features, just like in this piece, and a Betis concept we covered recently. He also runs the account @design_utd, so head over to his Twitter and Instagram to see more!

Matt Leslie

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