My favourite Tottenham Hotspur and Juventus football shirts: Andy From 12 Yards

Earlier this week, we reviewed every single football shirt from the inaugural Premier League season. Each shirt was illustrated by Mark and Andy from, From 12 Yards. We took the time to speak them both about their favourite football shirts and how they got into the business of illustrating football shirts.

Here’s Andy on his love of Hummel x Spurs shirts and Juventus x Kappa shirts. Decent choices to be fair.

First football shirt?

My first football shirt was the Tottenham home 89-91 shirt made by Hummel, sponsored by Holsten. Worn by Gazza and Lineker my favourite players at the time. The shirt Spurs won their 8th FA Cup in. (Beating Arsenal in the Semi-final along the way).

Favourite football shirt?

I watched Gazzetta Football Italia on Saturday mornings so Italian football has a special place in my heart. My favourite player at the time was Alessandro Del Piero, so the long sleeved Juventus 95-97 shirt made by Kappa sponsored by Sony has got to be my favourite shirt of all time.

Favourite football moment?

Living in Portsmouth in 2008 the year they won the FA Cup, celebrating on the seafront with the team and the fans, the whole city was buzzing, it was a special moment.

What is your favourite shirt to illustrate?

1985 Roma shirt print

We produced an abstract Retro AS Roma print celebrating the iconic AS Roma 1985/86 shirt. It’s one of my favourite prints to date and one of our most popular.

What work are you most proud of?

Working with These Football Times magazine on the Philosophies issue. We created 8 abstract illustrations around different footballing Philosophies. An absolutely amazing magazine who we are proud to work with.

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