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February 05, 2022 3 min read

adidas are pillars of the football shirt world.

If you ask someone what the greatest shirt of all time is, they’ll most likely reply with one of two adidas shirts (I hope I don’t have to tell you which?). The 80s and 90s were flat out dominated by the three stripes, and even though Nike rose to prominence in the late 90s to challenge the crown, it’s been something of a closely-fought two horse race in the years since.

Whenever a club joins adidas (think Leeds or Celtic this year), fans typically rejoice. Other fans look on in jealously, even though many hardcore members of the kit community have questioned adidas over their overuse of templates and persistence on using plain backs in recent years (maybe that’s just me…).

Regardless, any conversation centred around adidas is bound to be an aesthetically pleasing one. In a similar vein to our question about Kappa, we sought to find the best adidas shirts of all time with the help of the all-knowing source of wisdom that is Twitter.

GOAT in every sense of the word

The shirt, the player, the shiny shorts. This picture has everything.

Who can forget

Marseille and adidas clearly left a mark on people, and rightly so.

Perfect pinstripes

No one has ever managed to execute the pinstripe look as well as adidas.

A beautiful marriage

Sometimes a brand and team are meant to be together. Step forward adidas and France.

Blue is the colour

Like France, Brighton and adidas had a very aesthetically pleasing relationship.

A surging Scottish shout

Several people offered up kits from the Hibs x adidas days, and it was a welcome shout.

Pulled out of a hat

Similarly, Luton received a lot of deserved love.

90s gems

There’s a reason Arsenal have looked to some of their 90s classics since their adidas reunion

Give it up for the keepers!

adidas were pioneers in the goalkeeper kit game, perhaps most famously with this design.

You didn’t think we’d forget, did you?

Let’s end this thing on a high.

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