The perfect halloween kit inspired by Borussia Dortmund x Barcelona

Kit + Bone have released the bright, bold, beauty inspired by the classic 90s fluorescent classics from Borussia Dortmund and Barcelona.

Kit + Bone produce customised prints of their mascot, Bony featuring a range of kits but have delved into the world of football shirts in time for halloween.

The Bolt Unofficial Replica jersey is designed to celebrate the great acid yellow shirts that have graced the European stage over the last 25 years. From mid-nineties Dortmund to the Ronaldinho era Barcelona.

The shirt is a fluorescent yellow and black create a familiar yet refreshing take on this firm favourite of a combination. The crest features the Kit + Bone mascot, Bony.

The flash logo lightning bolt detail on the sleeve create a sense of 90s nostalgia while the bold flecked spark across the chest feels very of the now.

This jersey was designed to be seen. Perfect for the dark nights ahead.

Pick up your shirt via their website.

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