The Arsenal and Spurs fans uniting to create rave inspired football shirts

Introducing Stylus City the Arsenal and Spurs fans who joined forces to bring you a range of rave inspired football shirts.

Stylus City

The inspiration for Stylus City originates from my involvement in the drum and bass scene, as a DJ and promoter of DNB nights (and as a lover of football).

I have always had a keen eye for football shirt designs, both retro and modern. I noticed particularly at musical festivals and whilst travelling just how many people were wearing football shirts to show their love for their team.

It made me wonder why there wasn’t more of a connection between music / football and shirt designs, and began sketching away some concepts to connect my two biggest loves so I could showcase underground music influences using football tees as a blank canvas.

So that’s what I do now: I use my DJ and underground music influences and explore them creatively, using the elements of a football shirt such as badge, sponsor and sublimation printing to great effect.

The response has been overwhelming – with a lot of DJs, MCs, ravers and football fans appreciating the concept and getting involved in the project.

Recently, Stylus City has welcomed Neil aka Mr Nope onto the team. He’s an English Graphic Designer who now works as a freelancer in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

We met after Neil bought one of my first concept shirts and we have been in contact ever since. Considering we support rival clubs (Arsenal & Spurs), we get on fine (albeit with large levels of banter) and work together very efficiently as a team.

There will be a lot more football shirts from us as a combined creative force so watch this space…

Check out the full Stylus City collection in our marketplace. Looking for a vintage shirts check out our collection of Arsenal shirts and Spurs shirts.


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