The former Liverpool man who hates Jamie Carragher or Steven Gerrard

Liverpool fans aren’t all that keen on El Hadji Diouf.

Not only did the striker have a dismal time during his spell at Liverpool, but he has also slated a couple of club legends after leaving the club.

Having criticised Steven Gerrard in years gone by, he recently turned his ire on Jamie Carragher in a bizarre interview with BBC Africa.

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Problem child: El Hadji Diouf (left) and Steven Gerrard were anything but mates

“As for Jamie Carragher,” said Diouf. “If he wasn’t a Scouser he was never going to play football in life.

“I’m sorry for him. I only have this to say for him.”

After seeing this, Carragher duly put Diouf back in his box on Twitter.

Whenever Diouf appears in an interview, he can’t help but have a pop at Gerrard, Carragher and the club as a whole.

In his latest peculiar rant about the Merseyside club (where he only managed three goals in 79 games), he characteristically took the opportunity to slag Gerrard off.

He said: “I am Mr El Hadji Diouf, Mr Senegal but he is Mr Liverpool and Senegal is bigger than Liverpool and he has to know that.”

In fairness to Diouf, the feud began publicly in 2007, when Gerrard admitted he wasn’t a great fan of the former Senegalese striker.

”I wasn’t Diouf’s No 1 fan,” wrote Gerrard.

“Being around Melwood and Anfield I knew which players were hungry, which players had Liverpool at heart. Diouf was just interested in himself.

“His attitude was all wrong. I felt he wasn’t really arsed about putting his body on the line to get Liverpool back at the top.”

From the outside, it seemed as though Gerrard’s criticism was probably fair, but Diouf wasted no time in hitting back at his former captain.

He said: “When I arrived I showed him he was nothing at all. I asked him to tell me in which big competition, Euros or World Cup, people think about him.”

Diouf, who retired in 2015, was something of a journeyman at club level, spending time at Bolton, Leeds, Sunderland and Blackburn, but he was better known on these shores for his off-field antics. His best form came for his country, most notably when he helped Senegal to the quarter-finals of the 2002 World Cup.

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