My favourite football shirt – James Dart

If you don’t follow James Dart on Twitter.  Do it.  Do it right now.  The Guardian’s digital editor, James Dart is the master at finding random football moments.  We spoke to him about dull Everton kits, effortlessly cool Italian shirts and a couple of magnificent Sinclair goals.  

What was your first ever football shirt?

This Everton monstrosity. While being born into the misery that is supporting Plymouth Argyle, a short-lived top-flight glory-supp … soft spot was reserved for Lineker and co. Possibly out of sympathy for this kit.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?
Mancini in a Sampdoria football shirtMy favourite shirt is the Sampdoria 1990-91 made by Asics.  It was blue, the badge, the collar, the maker and even the sponsor. Effortlessly cool.

What is your favourite ever goal?  

In the flesh, Scott Sinclair flying down Underhill for Plymouth vs. Barnet.

On television, Trevor Sinclair. The outward curl of the stood-up cross is often overlooked as to just how hard it was to score from that position.


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