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February 05, 2022 2 min read

We caught up with illustrator and Boro fan Steve Welsh to talk about Skill Leisurewear football shirts, transformers-esque Pumas shirts and Real Madrid’s Roberto Carlos scoring the “impossible goal”.

What was your first football shirt?

I consider my ‘first’ football shirt to be the first one I ever bought for myself. So that would be this Boro classic from our 1990/91 season, made by retail giant Skill Leisurewear (don’t ask). I still have mine safely tucked away in the loft, although having done a quick Google search I see they are inexplicably worth about £85 now, which was about the same price we bought John Wark for that season.

What is your favourite football shirt?  

A lot of people might choose their home town club or a specific era for the international team but for me its all about the design. So for that reason it has to be Pumas. It’s just an undeniably pleasing shirt. With its Transformers-esque design it appeals to me on so many levels I cant even begin to put it into words. When you consider the names to have worn it too, it just has a bit of everything in my eyes. A timeless design classic.

What is your favourite goal?

Everyone goes on about ‘that’ free-kick vs France but Roberto Carlos' goal against Tenerife from the corner flag was unbelievable, just outrageous. My Favourite Boro goal though? Too many to choose from but Paul Wilkinson being given the freedom of St James Park is one away day I’ll never forget. Just look at that away end when he scores, I’m in there… somewhere.


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