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February 25, 2022 1 min read

UK rapper and Liverpool fan Loyle Carner, loves vintage football shirts and is going to great lengths to get his hands on some. The London-based musician is set to tour of his debut album, Yesterday's Goneand one fan came up with the belter of an idea to get his hands on tickets.  He offered up a vintage Sweden shirt in exchange for some tickets.  And things kind of spiraled.It's fair to Loyle has a sick collection on his hands if these deals go through.  Here is how it played out.

Gregg Reid offered up a vintage Sweden shirt

Callum offered up his banging Argentina shirt

Jack got out his classic Ajax shirt

Loyle follows in the line of musicians who wear football shirts in music videos.  Here's 10 of the best. Grab your vintage shirt in our marketplace.

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