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February 05, 2022 3 min read

Founded in 1948, by German Rudolf Dassler, older brother of Adolf Dassler – he of Adidas fame – Puma has exploded from fairly modest roots into being one of the biggest names in football design in recent decades.

Starting out in football boots, Puma made the natural move into strips, with a stronghold in Germany and Austria, before making strides in English domestic football in the early nineties. The new millennium has seen the Puma reach extend far and wide, both as a domestic and international force, including Italian giants AC Milan, German behemoths Borussia Dortmund and popular Mexican side C.D. Guadalajara, to name a few, whilst on the international front they’ve got everyone from Austria to Uruguay, Iceland to Senegal, covered, literally. And who can forget the small matter of a £650 million kit deal with City Football, which runs until 2029.

So, with over seventy years, in the business, we asked Twitter followers for the best Puma shirts in their collection, and they (and Puma) didn’t disappoint.


There’s only one way to start – Puma’s Azzurri offerings get a universal thumbs up.

British shores

Puma has left its mark on British football, from some retro designs to modern classics.

European masterclass

Domestic European football has been similarly graced by Puma’s designs.

International flavour

Whilst many international teams have been given some special Puma treatment…

A league of its own

…only one international shirt wins in iconic stakes!

More stunners from around the world

Teams from Brazil to France, Italy to Argentina, Japan to Romania have all donned Puma’s designs.

Pumas squared

And those cheeky folks at Puma haven’t missed out on a bit of bonus advertising…

How do you choose

When it comes down to it, sometimes you can’t choose a favourite…

Thanks to everyone who offered up their best Puma shirts for this piece! Follow us on Twitter to join in with more discussions like this one, and show off your collection!

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