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February 19, 2022 2 min read

Football shirts have the power to convey messages of all kinds.

Sometimes, those messages relate to the team the shirt belongs to, be it a successful moment in history or a colourway intrinsically tied to a particular side. Other times, the message is one of thanks to the fans, or to the city a club may base themselves in.

Since 2015, hummel have used football shirts to convey a simple but powerful message of peace. Working alongside clubs and establishments in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki areas, the annual peace jerseys have become a staple in the football shirt calendar. The message of the ongoing campaign, that there is power when we unite to help rebuild in the aftermath of tragedy, is one that must never be forgotten.

For the 2019 peace jersey, hummel teamed up with club side V-Varen Nagasaki to produce a stunning pink shirt packed full of details.

Starting with the colour choices, the base of the kit is a particularly soothing shade of pink. A bright pink would’ve added shock value, but the more delicate choice works much better.

Overlaid on top of the soft base are several petal/heart like shapes in darker pink. The overall look is wonderful, especially in combination with a further line based pattern in V-Varen’s primary colour of blue. Best of all, the pattern continues in full round the back.

There’s a playfulness to the aesthetic, which seems appropriate given the messages of hope and joy that surround the peace jersey, and though it’s a busy look there’s something of a 90s feel to everything given the various elements at play.

The rarity of this shirt only adds to its aura also, and though some do become available from time to time they’re usually quite hard to source. If you’re a collector though, we have one of these shirts and a 2018 peace jersey coming in stock as part of our Japan drop! A huge range of Japanese club and country shirts are live in store now.

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