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February 19, 2022 3 min read

Our Black Friday deals are still on, meaning that you can get 25% off everything in store! And with so much to choose from, including vintage shirts and concept kits, we wanted to give Red Devils fans out there a helping hand, with our Top 5 favourite Manchester United shirts in store right now.

1994-95 Manchester United Home Shirt

Size: M

Condition: Excellent

Price: £99.99 £74.99

As Manchester United kits go, this mid-90s shirt has a few stand out features. First of all, it is the only United shirt to feature an embossed print of Old Trafford across its body. And secondly, it features a KANCHELSKIS 14 nameset, meaning you will not just be repping United when you wear this shirt, but also one of their early Premier League cult heroes.

When asked about the shirt, Kanchelskis said "The home kit really was the winner for me and I loved wearing it whenever I played." Hopefully you will love it just as much as Andrei!

1992-93 Manchester United Away Shirt

Size: XL
Condition: Excellent
Price: £99.99 £74.99

Look closely at our first two recommendations and you might start to see a theme! While the 1994-95 home shirt featured an embossed Old Trafford, this away shirt from the first Premier League campaign features a huge United crest cutting through the shirt. Maybe that's where Puma got their inspiration from for those 3rd shirts?

The deep blue jersey is cut with black marks in a wonderfully abstract effect, with a minimalist collar and that classic SHARP sponsor finishing off the shirt.

1995-96 Manchester United Away Shirt

Size: XL
Condition: Excellent
Price: £139.99 £104.99

Few shirts in the Premier League era can claim to be as infamous as this away shirt, having been worn so few times. In an astonishing series of events, the kit was worn for a first half against Southampton and then spectacularly substituted for another shirt after Sir Alex Ferguson claimed the grey colours impacted his player's eyesight.

United rallied in the second half in their alternative away shirt, but the grey jersey was never seen (get it?) again!

1999-00 Manchester United Away Shirt

Size: XL
Condition: Excellent
Price: £79.99 £59.99

Sometimes, simple is beautiful! And that's the cliche that we are applying to this Millennium Manchester United 3rd shirt. It may not match up to modern day 3rd shirt designs in terms of daring design tropes, but the STAM 6 nameset on the back of the jersey more than makes up for that!

This shirt was also the one famously worn in the infamous '12-man team photo', when Karl Power dressed in full kit and uninvitedly joined the team for a their pre-match photo in a Champions League match (See photo above).

2013-14 Manchester United Home Shirt

Size: S
Condition: Very Good
Price: £29.99 £22.49

Picture a 90s Manchester United and it probably has a collar. Images of Eric Cantona are some of the most defining of the decade, and the upturned collar the king favoured was only made possible because of United’s penchant for a collar of some kind (with Cantona himself supposedly pushing).

From the millennium onwards, things changed. The majority of Manchester United shirts didn’t feature a collar, with a couple of exceptions. The 2013/14 shirt is one such exception, and though the collar is relatively small, it’s appearance here in a contrasting colour feels like a nice nod to the past.

This shirt is also notable for being the first of the post Sir Alex Ferguson era. Make of that what you will.

If you are not a Manchester United fan and have just found yourself on this blog by mistake, we still have some shirt options for you too! Browse our latest Vintage Shirts below and pick-up a classic

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