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February 05, 2022 3 min read

By now, we assume you all know how much we love football shirts. But for a lot of us at FSC, beers are a pretty close second. So, when we got a delivery through the door from the good people at Beer52, it got us thinking about how we could combine these two things. 

That led us to beers as football shirts! We will start off with some of the craft beers Beer52 sent us, before moving on to a more general mix.

And if you want to match your own beers to football shirts - and, you know, drink them - you can now get a free case of craft beers and lagers from Beer52 here

Duvel x FC Nordsjaelland

 If you have been following our socials in the last few months, you will know what big fans we are of FC Nordsjaelland and their 2021-22 kits. So when we discover Duvel’s yellow and red blonde beer in the case, there was only ever going to be one shirt we could pair it with.

Moor Beer Company x Nottingham Forest 

The flashes of orange in Nottingham Forest's 2020-21 third shirts really made it stand-out, and the same effect is happening with Moor Beer company’s Illumination bitter. 

Stiegl x Bayern Munich 

The minute we pulled this bottle of Stiegl bio-zwickl out of the box, we knew what shirt is was being paired with! That off-white label even reminds us of a recent version of Bayern Munich’s Oktoberfest jersey.

ABK x Manchester United

We don't come across grey kits too often, but luckily we have this infamous Manchester United away shirt that fits nicely with this ABK pilsner.

Thorbridge Halcyon x Uruguay

The icy blue of Uruguay's jerseys blend excellently with this blue and gold can of Thornbridge beer, with similar mosaic patterns. 

Now onto some more general examples of beers as football shirts. We have picked a few out from this thread we posted a year ago. 

Red Stripe x Southampton

Props to Will Magee spotting this one!

Guinness x Barcelona 

May as well have stuck the harp on that Barcelona shirt!

Brewdog x Flamengo

Surely this is a future collab in the making? 

Thatcher’s x Norwich

It might be a cider, but this worked too well not to include it.

Blue Moon x Wolves

Just when you thought you’d wiped that Wolves shirt from your memory...

Coors Light x Vancouver Whitecaps

Those icy Whitecaps.

Fosters x Boca Juniors

We could pair Red Stripe up with River Plate and have a beer Super Clasico!

Did we miss any out? Let us know in the comments below, or add a comment to our thread.

And remember you can enjoy a drink on us! To claim your free pack of craft beers and lagers from Beer 52, just head to www.beer52.com/fsc.

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