We caught up with Ollie Shepherd, the presenter of the Kitted Out podcast, part of the TOJOS network to talk about Phil Foden's favourite Manchester City shirt, his love of all things Germany 1990 and Elano free kicks. This interview was a part of our My First Football Shirt series

What was your first football shirt?

I have never really be able to cast my mind back to my first shirt, I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast! I remember getting the 2001-2003 Republic Of Ireland home shirt from my dad for my birthday but I don’t remember when, so it was either that or the 2003 Manchester City home shirt.

Phil Foden posted a picture of him in that shirt on his Instagram last night after signing a new 6 year deal, was extremely jealous as he had done that and I was considering whether my advent calendar chocolate was a suitable excuse for tea!

What is your favourite football shirt?

... ahhh there’s so many, I adore the 1988-91 West Germany shirt and design, I have it in socks, a jumper and the kit from this year... a little excessive! The shirt I got that kick started my collection was the 1994 Germany kit (home) which I bought in my second year of uni... I’ve bought far too many since then!

A dark horse though is the 1997 Borussia Monchengladbach away shirt, not a rare one of expensive but it’s one of my favourites!

What is your favourite football moment?

I’m going off games I have experienced in person and I have 3, i know, I’m indecisive.

2 weren’t really draped in success, one was Elanos incredible free kick against Newcastle in 2008(?) and the other was Adebayors celebration against arsenal, I’ve never seen him run more than that in his whole career!

The final memory is when Willy Caballero turned into Iker Casillas for 20 minutes in the, What was, EFL cup final to Liverpool. I missed City’s goal as I was in the queue for water... classic! But so many emotions in that, nearly fell off the top of Wembley!

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