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February 05, 2022 2 min read

We caught up with Dane Hinchy from sock lovers, The Final Third about his first and favourite football shirts and when Arshavin and Torres played out a classic for Arsenal and Liverpool.

What was your first football shirt?

ronaldo illustration
RonaldoIllustration:  Matthew Shipley

Yeah, so as an Aussie I was surrounded by NRL and AFL, but my Uncle made it his job to make sure I was exposed to Football. He went to the game in 1997 when the Socceroos took on Brazil in the Confederations Cup Final. The Socceroos got dusted 6-0 to a Ronaldo & Romario masterclass. Both bagging a hattrick. My Uncle managed to grab a Ronaldo kit before the match and it has been somewhat of an heirloom ever since.

What was your favourite football shirt

The 1998 Mexico shirt is my favourite for a number of reasons. The design itself is truly one of a kind which makes it so unique. The Aztec inspired design was also one of the few kits from the 98 World Cup that really spoke to its nation. Yeah, they all have their colours, but this was next level. Mexico got knocked out by Germany in the Round of 16, but even to this day, that kit still remains fresh in my mind. I think Mexico need to bring it back.

What is favourite football moment?

My Uncle and my Cousin were both die-hard Arsenal fans and it was really the only exposure I had to Football apart from the Serie A.  Sure Arsenal may have drawn the game in the end, but that was my first exposure to the real highs and lows of Football. After that game, I was hooked. End to end.  Goal after Goal. Torres being silly good and Arshavin being relentless. What more could you really ask for in a game...

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