Our first look at Manchester United’s new sponsor on a concept kit

After seven years of sponsorship, the end to the partnership between Manchester United and shirt sponsor Chevrolet is finally in sight, much to the joy of United fans, and shirt fans who long for the days of the club’s classic looks.

Last week, a deal was announced between the club and software company TeamViewer, who will take over from the American car manufacturer as Manchester United’s new sponsor from the beginning of the 2021/22 season. While it will be Summer before we see any glances of what this new partnership will look like on the pitch, concept designer @DemenzGr has given us a taste of what may be to come with the concept focused on in today’s review.

It’s our first look at a new sponsor on a Manchester United shirt for a while, so let’s take a closer look at what we can expect to see!

The design

As a reasonably unknown company, there has been some speculation on exactly what the TeamViewer sponsorship will look like, with several logos and designs appearing on social media. For his concept, @DemenzGr has a mix of the company name and logo running horizontally, and on first impressions it certainly blends into the shirt much better than its predecessor – although that is not exactly hard to do.

As for the rest of the shirt, the concept behind it is clear to see. Channeling the ‘Red Devils’ nickname of the club, the design is an abstract concoction of red and purple shaded flame graphics, layered over a black base. The effect of this is added to nicely by the presentation of the shirt above flaming embers.

Finally, while this is an exciting design, it is hard to see it strictly as a Manchester United home shirt. While their partnership with adidas has produced some interesting designs, the use of a black base for a home shirt would likely be a venture too far for the club and brand. However, as a third, training or special edition shirt, this concept design fits in perfectly to the club’s culture and aesthetic.

What other sponsors need to change?

With United fans counting down the weeks until TeamViewer replaces Chevrolet on their 2021/22 jerseys, we will have to keep waiting until we see what this new partnership will bring in terms of shirt design. But this concept from @DemenzGr has given us our first look at what to expect from Manchester United’s new sponsor!

Are there other shirt sponsors that you think need to change? Let us know in the comments below!

Who is @DemenzGr? 

@DemenzGr is a graphic designer who has been releasing some outstanding concept designs recently. To keep track of his latest designs for Spurs, Inter Miami and PSG, follow his Twitter and Instagram.

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