Manchester United get the EQT treatment with this stunning third shirt concept

Since the beginning of their partnership in 2015, adidas and Manchester United have produced a steady, if unspectacular range of shirts – this year’s polarising third shirt not included.

Their home releases have been the main source of new designs, while the away and third shirts have been left more to explore the rich history of both brands, with throwbacks to the famous blue jerseys of the 1960s, and several darker takes on the snowflake design of the early 1990s.

One design so far untested by United and adidas however has been the three-stripe shoulder design of the EQT (equipment) era, a classic and enduring look for the brand, which would bring one of it’s most famous designs together with one of its biggest partners. Thanks to @saintetixx and his concept work, we no longer have to wonder what this collaboration would look like, so let’s take a closer look at the design!

The design 

The EQT design has a few hallmarks, but by far the most iconic is the use of the three shoulder stripes. The design burst onto the scene in 1991, featuring most memorably on the shirts of Bayern Munich, Marseille and Liverpool. The shirts were also famously baggy, and had a reputation for moving the adidas logo to various places on the shirt, sometimes within the same season!

Taking that inspiration, @saintetixx has applied the modern interpretation of the design to his Manchester United third shirt concept, which saw a re-emergence in the 2020 MLS season. The use of a glowing red contrasting against the black base of the shirt ensures that this design point stands out, and ties in nicely with the Manchester club’s Red Devils nickname. 

Yet, despite the use of such an iconic shirt design, Manchester United fans might be more thankful to @saintetixx for the work he has done to their shirt sponsor. Since it first appeared on their club’s shirts, the Chevrolet sponsor has been a real eyesore for Manchester United fans, failing to truly blend into any design or colourway, and so the change to a much sleeker and less attention-grabbing design will be a welcomed glance of ‘what if’ for United fans.

Finally, it is important to also note the general quality of this concept design. Achieving the right lighting reflection off the different features is a difficult task and it goes a long way to adding real quality to any concept design.

Which shirts should get the EQT treatment?

With the style re-emerging in the MLS last year, and even making an appearance in Pharrell’s Humanrace collection with adidas, the EQT design is an iconic part of adidas’ illustrious design history, and so it is great to see it utilised with new clubs, like Manchester United.

What other shirts would like to see be given the Manchester United EQT treatment? Let us know in the comments below!

Who is @saintetixx? 

Clément Thiery is a concept designer from France, and has a steady output of almost a new concept design everyday. However, the quantity does not decrease the quality, with his designs for teams across Europe’s top leagues all keeping a clean aesthetic that allows for some of the classic elements of these team’s shirts to stand out, as with this Manchester United concept.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with his latest work. 

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