This Barcelona concept kit will remind you of Ronaldinho

Brand collaborations are now becoming more and more common within football shirt releases, with Jordan x PSG and Palace x Juventus being recent examples of how new and exciting non-football brands can work with clubs to create stylish jerseys for both on and off the pitch. 

Inspired by this, concept designer, @xztals, has decided to team up Barcelona and their Nike partnership with US apparel company, Carhartt. Let’s take a closer look at the home, away and third shirt concepts!

The design

Titling the project ‘Just In Progress’ – a combination of Carhartt’s ‘Work In Progress’ and Nike’s famous ‘Just Do It’ taglines – Andy from @xztals has mixed classic Blaugrana colour schemes with some design elements of Carhartt.

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@fcbarcelona x @nike x @carharttwip “Just In Progress” concept featuring kits, logo and garment design. Being two of my favourite brands, I’d love to see the pair working together more and had this idea brewing for some time so thought it was time to put it together! We’ve seen the likes of Jordan and Palace being introduced into shirts, so why not carhartt. Would Nike allow for for other brands outside of their family to replace their logo instead of the swoosh? One of the designs combine both of the branding as a potential alternative that could be used on the shirts. It’s not perfect and I could’ve spent weeks on the idea but thought it was best to get it posted to get some feedback. Let me know what you think of the shirts and also expanding the concepts into branding and merchandise! 🗣✖️

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The home shirt in many ways offers a simple take on the classic look, but crucially adds a jagged design to the stripes, likely a reference to the hook seen in the Carhartt logo. Another shout out to the logo comes from the use of gold, seen on the sleeve, collar, side trim and sponsors features. While Barça usually opt for a lighter gold, or occasionally yellow, this darker colour works well with the shirt, and is the best example of the Rakuten logo blending into a shirt I have seen so far. 

The away kit, meanwhile, is paying homage to the Catalonia club’s link to the Dutch game. The jagged pattern is more forthright here, and the orange base colour is able to combine surprisingly well with the dark blue used by Andy for the features. Once again, this manages to incorporate the sponsor in a very seamless way, taking little away from the shirt. Efforts to regain the beauty of the Meyba orange shirt worn by Cruyff’s dream team in 1992 have been hit and miss so far, but this concept brings a modern edge to that design.

My favourite of Andy’s concepts though, is his updated take on the Barça away shirt of 2005 – think Ronaldinho, Champions League last 16 versus Chelsea, and an outrageous outside of the foot flick to seal victory for Barcelona. While the grainy mix of brown and grey may appear to be an off-putting colour choice, the red and blue features pair perfectly to make this an extremely individual shirt, helped enormously by the nostalgia of its inspiration. 

What brands do you want to see collaborate in football?

A final touch from Andy in his ‘Just in Progress’ project was the creation of some amazing logos that combine Nike’s swoosh and Carhartt’s hooked logo. I love seeing concept projects with this level of detail, because it really allows us to see the full potential of what could happen if collaborations like this ever took place.

Seeing Nike bring in an outside apparel company feels unlikely at the moment, but Andy’s project has given us a glimpse of what we could see if it was to happen. Are there any other brands you would like to see collaborate in the future? Tell us in the comments below!

Who is @xztals?

Andy is a graphic designer who has released some great concepts in recent weeks, including a Barcelona x Adidas concept and a take on the Arsenal redcurrant jersey. We love seeing the different concept projects he creates, and you can keep track of them on Twitter and Instagram

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If Nike were ever going to link with Carhartt in the style of this Barcelona concept kit, we’ll be all over it.

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