Be prepared for a wave of amazing concept kit designs

Introducing our brand new series: Residency.

Football and design are intrinsically linked. Without good design, football loses all manner of vibrancy, beauty, and life. Without football, design (as much as we enjoy it) will always struggle to reach that part of our hearts that clings tightly to the beautiful game no matter what.

This is what Residency is all about. We want to celebrate the marriage of football and design.

To help achieve this, we’ll be collaborating with artists and working with them for a full month, creating bespoke designs that’ll make you want to stop and admire. These artists in residence won’t just be sharing their designs either. We’ll speak to them and ask them to share more of their passion for football and shirts. We’ll go behind the design curtain to see what goes into the making of a concept kit, or an illustration, and what some of the processes are behind these pieces of content that we so often take for granted.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride, it’ll be a very aesthetically pleasing one.

Introducing Cenk Ünal

Amongst the rich tapestry of football kit design, concept kit designers are so often the people whose work we enjoy the most.

They are the ones pushing boundaries. They are the ones with the freedom to explore design angles which professional designers could only dream of.

One of our favourite concept kit designers of recent times has been Cenk Ünal. The Turkey-based creator has been prolific, conceptualising kits from teams across the globe in a distinctive style which particularly focuses on texture and pattern.

We’re very excited to announce that Cenk will be our very first collaborator for Residency. Throughout May, you’ll be seeing bespoke kit designs directly from Cenk, and we’ll be walking with him every step of the way to see more of what the life of a concept kit designer looks like.

But what sort of kits can we expect?

For the past few years Nike has created “City Edition uniforms” for all teams in the NBA, and they’ve been a lot of fun. These uniforms seek to capture the history and culture of a team’s home city in imaginative ways, and frankly the results have been spectacular.

We want to see what “City Edition uniforms” would look like in the football world. We want to dig deep and explore the roots of a club’s geographical location, the colours and insignia that adorn the tifos in the stands, the nicknames that fans adopt as their battlecry on a matchday.

We’ll be touring the globe with Cenk, as he stops off in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Expect to see some familiar faces, and a few surprise names also.

We apologise in advance if these concepts make your team’s actual shirts look pedestrian by comparison. 

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see all Cenk’s Residency concept kits as they drop, as well as our interviews with him during May.

Phil Delves

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