This England shirt will remind you of a Liverpool and Manchester United legend

I’m going to take you back to the summer of 1998. Brandy is number 1 with “The Boy is Mine”, the Titanic was number one at the cinema and England were playing in this banging Umbro shirt at the World Cup in France.

We took to Instagram to find out who it reminded you of and there was only one man. An ex Liverpool and Manchester United striker.

What is it?

1998 England x Umbro shirt. Pretty underrated Umbro, baggy shirt with the crest in the centre of the shirt and a lovely button up collar.

Who made it?

Umbro. The kings of “utterly mental” England goalie shirts

Who wore it?

A whole host of England legends. Tony Adams, Paul Ince (with a bandage on his head) and Gary Neville.

Who did it remind you of?

There was one stand out player. Michael Owen who not only scored a worldie of a goal against Argentina but also created the one of the most perfect moments in television history.

1992 Premier League shirts illustration
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What moment does it remind you of?

Without doubt this shirt will remind you of one goal. Michael Owen receiving the ball from Beckham and running through the Argentina defence.

It’s not the best goal I’ve ever seen, but as a nine year old it captured my imagination and provided me with my first sporting idol.

Chris Mann

Where can I get it?

You can get the 1998 England shirt in our marketplace (BNWT).


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