The Arsenal and Manchester United tunnel dust up you won’t have heard of

Arsenal and Manchester United is one of the football’s great rivalries.  They’ve had some cracking dust ups over the years.  Pizza-gate (when Cesc splattered Fergie).  Vieira v Keane (who was protecting Gary Neville).  It even kicked off between Steve Bruce and Ian Wright.

Speaking to the Quickly Kevin podcast England full back Dixon told the story.

Arsenal were playing away to Manchester United and Ian Wright was constantly in Steve Bruce’s ear winding him up.

In Dixon’s words Wright was horrible to play against.  When it got to half time players would regularly go for him but he had a minder.  John Hartson.  Wright would say;

Put the kettle on.  And John Hartson would step in.

The problem for the Arsenal striker on the cold Saturday in Manchester was that Hartson wasn’t playing.

At half time Bruce comes storming into the tunnel fists up to get Wright.  Who was saying;

Calm down.  Calm down Steve

It didn’t work and much to Dixon’s amusement Bruce jabbed Wright on the nose.  Savage.

Give Quickly Kevin a listen here.  You won’t regret it.

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