2018-19 Manchester City away shirt will leave a bit of sick in your mouth

Is this the 2018-19 Manchester City away shirt?

Football shirt designer and prophet Carabajal Franco looked into his crystal ball and predicted the 2018-19 Manchester City away shirt.  He reckons it’ll be all black, with textured sleeves and blue and green pin stripes.

Franco has called lots of successful shirts but we hope for City fans’ sake this one isn’t correct.  The City blue with green colour is pretty horrific.

It evokes memories of the 1998-99 playoff shirt made by kappa, as it has the same florescent green and blue.  The difference is the kappa shirt is not subtle.  It’s bright and bold and garish.  Where the Nike away shirt is a bit blah.

1998 Manchester City away made by kappa

Let us know what you think of the City away shirt below and if you’re after a vintage shirt check out our marketplace for bangers like the 1998-99 classic.


8 thoughts on “2018-19 Manchester City away shirt will leave a bit of sick in your mouth

    1. It’s absolutely grotesque. This fellow calls himself a desiigner, I’ve seen packets of crisps with better design, back to the drawing board.

  1. I like the design and colours but as Chris said we are close to agreeing a £50M deal with Puma as the deal with Nike runs out atvend of this season. Amazing how 1st predictions for a new away kit always contain ‘the spirit of 99’. Must be confusing for all our new fans which think we were formed in 2008.

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