This Wu Tang Clan concept kit is banging

FC Killa Villa have combined Wu Tang Clan with concept football shirts to devastating effect.

Apart from Drake wearing a whole host of football shirts, hip hop and football haven’t really ever come together like this before.

Taking inspiration from Wu Tang Clan FC Killa Villa has produced a series of concept shirts for sale.

They are on a Nike base shirt with Cream sponsor.

Wu Tang Clan white football shirt

The club crest is the Wu symbol with Cash rules around the edge.

Wu Tang Clan football shirt sponor

This isn’t the first time Wu Tang Clan have entered the world of football.   In 2013 when USA were playing a 2014 World Cup qualifier against Panama, the crowd broke into a chant of “USA ain’t nothing to fuck with”.

It is the perfect back drop to Ian Darke’s commentary.

Gick up your FC Killa Villa Wu Tang Clan shirt here.


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