This Tottenham Hotspurs cult legend loved his Borussia Dortmund shirt so much he changed his hair to match it

The yellow and black kits of Borussia Dortmund are the football hipster’s dream. During the mid ‘90s the German team sponsored by Nike went for an stone cold beauty.  And the man that loved it the most was Tottenham Hotspur cult legend Steffen Freund.

Who made it?  Nike

Who wore it?  Legends like Matthias Sammer and (future Tottenham Hotspur cult hero) Steffen Freund.   He loved the shirt some much the German terrier grew a pony tail and coloured it neon yellow.  It is quite frankly the most outrageous football

Steffan Freund - Borussia Dortmund

Big moment:  Winning the Bundesliga ahead of Bayern Munich by six points and qualifying for the Champions League which they would win the following season.

About the shirt:  
The ultimate neon yellow-and-black Dortmund kit. What a combo.

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1995 96 Borussia Dortmund home shirt1995 96 Borussia Dortmund home shirt back shot


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