When Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher destroyed a radio presenter on talkSPORT

Jamie Carragher signed his first professional contract at Liverpool more than 20 years ago.

So we’ve looked through the archives of great Carragher moments and we think we’ve found one that’s as good as Thierry Henry’s gloriously awkward knee-touch.

Back in 2010, Carragher retired from international football, opting to focus on his club career with Liverpool.

But his decision wasn’t to everyone’s taste, with some believing Carragher lacked the passion he’d shown so regularly at Anfield.

In defence of those critics, Carragher was only 29 when he decided to call time on his England career.

One such naysayer was talkSPORT’s Adrian Durham. The professional loudmouth labelled one of Liverpool’s greatest defenders a “bottler”, claiming he should stay in the set-up and fight for his place.


But what Durham wasn’t aware of was that Carragher was listening, and he wasn’t willing to take the criticism lying down.

Carragher called in to Durham’s show and staunchly defended himself, calling the DJ out on what he thought was a completely unjust lambasting.

Listen to the video in all its glory, and rejoice in Durham’s squirming.

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