This Tottenham shirt is the best away kit you’ve forgotten all about

Tottenham may have been mediocre back in 2004-05, but they had an away kit that was nothing short of sublime.

The likes of Jermain Defoe, Frederic Kanoute, Michael Dawson and Ledley King had to settle for ninth place in the Premier League that season, but they were privileged to wear one of the greatest away strips in the Premier League era.

Kappa have always been somewhat of an institution when it comes to retro and vintage kits. Think of Francesco Totti’s early career and you’ll picture him in one of a number of Kappa-made Roma kits that were as classy as the player himself.


Or remember the original Ronaldo, 19 years old and setting La Liga on fire at Barcelona. He wore one of the club’s most iconic strips, the red-and-blue 1996 Kappa strip, in his only season at the Nou Camp.

Tottenham had a stonking home kit in 2004-05, and their away kit was a masterpiece. Feast your eyes on this beaut:


Its shade of blue, minimalist Thompson sponsor and white Kappa logo make this kit a classic, even if the team that wore it were anything but.

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