Is this banger Ronaldinho’s best ever goal for Barcelona?

A belated happy birthday to Ronaldinho.  He was at his sensational best when he played for Barcelona.

His affable character, inimitable flair and penchant for scoring absolute bangers made him a favourite with fans from Barcelona and beyond.

Throughout his career he scored goals that other professionals could have only dreamed have bagging themselves.

WATCH: Ronaldinho’s sublime goal against Sevilla

The lob against England in the 2002 World Cup, his 2005 strike against Chelsea in the Champions League or his first goal against Real Madrid in the same year (he went on to score a hat-trick) are all contenders for Ronaldinho’s best ever goal.

But one goal he scored seems to capture everything in the Brazilian legend’s armoury.

His strike against Sevilla in the 2003-04 season was mind-blowing.


Picking the ball up for Frank Rijkaard’s side on the half-way line, Ronaldinho opened things up a bit by sending one defender for a hotdog.

Moving through the gears, he dropped a shoulder and left another defender with his pants firmly around his ankles.

He then looks up and knocks the ball that bit further in front of him and the entire stadium knows what’s going to happen next.

maxresdefault-1_f4ff83ab-3587-4bb6-8e2e-7646632e2a69_1024x1024 (1).jpg

He winds one up and smashes it goalwards. It clatters into the underside of the bar and bounces a foot over the line.

Cue the weird noise they make in La Liga when a worldie has just been scored: tens of thousands of fans screaming “Oooooooooooo!” at the same time.

And that, friends, is why everyone loves Ronaldinho.

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