How Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos almost joined Chelsea

Chelsea have made some seriously good signings over the past decade.

Didier Drogba, Michael Ballack, Eden Hazard and Diego Costa all spring to mind when you think of great Chelsea players of the Roman Abramovich era.

Yet they missed out on one of the best left-backs the game has ever seen back in 2007.


Real Madrid and Brazil legend Roberto Carlos won it all for club and country, and was more than capable of scoring a spectacular goal.

And after leaving Real Madrid as a free agent, he was close to coming to the Premier League, a division that he can’t get enough of.

“I spoke to Roman Abramovich about it,” he told Sky Sports. “We had a meeting in Paris but it didn’t happen due to a few small factors.

“I watch the Premier League every weekend. I think it’s fantastic. One thing you notice is that the teams considered small are capable of surprising the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and City.

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“There are so many great players in the Premier League and of course the big teams are always the favourites, but the teams below them also play good football. The mixture of foreign and English players works really well.

“I love English football because it’s real football. I love everything that surrounds it. The public, the atmosphere, the preparation. I always speak to Willian from Chelsea before his games – he loves it here.”


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