My favourite Liverpool shirt – Sachin Nakrani

As part of our “My First Football Shirt series” we caught up with Sachin Nakrani, writer and editor for the Guardian, to talk; iconic Liverpool shirts, Stan Collymore scoring THAT goal against Newcastle and Gazza doing something very special.

What was your first football shirt?

Liverpool’s home shirt from the 1989/90 season. It’s iconic – the three Adidas stripes on the sleeves, the classically simple badge, the white flecks design and, most importantly, the shirt Liverpool last won the league title in.

I was eight-years-old when my parents got it for me from our local sports shop in north London and, if my mum is to be believed, I wore it constantly for about six months. I definitely do remember wanting to wear it as often as possible and to this day it remains one of my most cherished possession.

What is your favourite football shirt?

It probably is the 89/90 shirt, but if I had to pick another I’d go for Liverpool’s home shirt from the 1995/96 season. It’s the one Stan Collymore had on when he scored THAT goal against Newcastle at the Kop end.

I remember being in two minds about the shirt when it came out in the summer of ’95 but I still went out and got it and slowly but surely grew to love it. Even now I deem it to be one of Liverpool’s smartest and most original shirts – that fat white cricket collar, the thick material and oversized badge. And again, the three Adidas stripes. It was also worn by one of Liverpool’s most exciting teams, and at a time when I was properly in love with football.

What is your favourite goal?

Restricting this to goals I’ve seen in the flesh, and not picking one scored by a Liverpool player, I’ll go for Gazza’s strike against Scotland at Euro 96. I was at Wembley on that Saturday afternoon and sat at the side of the ground where Gazza lifted the ball over Colin Hendry and volleyed it past Andy Goram.

It was a brilliant goal on an unforgettable day, and although I wasn’t a big England fan a the time (or even now) I got properly caught up in the sense of event. It felt immediately obvious that Gazza had done something very special via a very special piece of skill and to have seen it in the flesh is something that will live with me forever.


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