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2001-02 Everton Home Shirt XXL (Very Good)

Condition: Very good

Condition details:  Shirt in very good condition.  Bright colours and Premier League badges sewn on the sleeves.  The odd tiny bobble but really minimal.

Size:  XL

Shirt Story: The Puma x Everton era was relatively brief at just 3 seasons, but when looking back there was lots to appreciate.

As funny as it sounds, the 2001 Everton home shirt was notable because of how much white there was on the shirt. Everton shirts are typically blue with something like a white collar and/or cuffs at most, but the first Puma Everton shirt was the whitest since the memorable 1985 Le Coq Sportif shirt.

The white side panels create an interesting aesthetic, especially with the bagginess of the shirt typical of the era. Bonus points too for the shiny material Puma were using in the early 00s.

Who made it:Puma

Who wore it: Kevin Campbell

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