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February 25, 2022 2 min read

To mark the re-release of the adidas Predator Precision, we take a look back at David Beckham's career in boots. From his debut for Manchester United, to his retirement at PSG, we take a look back at the great man's career in boots.

Adidas Predator Touch

The boot that marked Beckham's arrival at Manchester United.  He wore the adidas Predator Touch boots when he scored from the half way line vs Wimbledon on the first day of the season.  Word is they were originally intended for ex Rangers player Charlie Miller but there was a mix up and they ended up with Becks.

Adidas Predator Accelerator

The boot that marked a low point in Beckham's career. He wore the adidas Predator Accelerator on England duty at France 98, where he will be remembered for his little flick out on wind up merchant, Diego Simeone.

Adidas Predator Precision

Probably the boot that Beckham wore for his best moment in an England shirt.  That free-kick against Greece. All game Beckham was on a different level to every player on the pitch. He was always going to win that match. Cue a free kick in the last minutes. Up steps Beckham, wearing his adidas Predator Accelerator's and boom. Free kick in the top corner.

Adidas Predator Mania

Redemption for Beckham. World Cup 2002. England v Argentina. Beckham had the chance for payback. England win the penalty (thanks to Michael Owen's huge dive) and steps up. He puts the laces of his adidas Predator Mania's through the ball and boom.

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