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February 24, 2022 2 min read

Yesterday was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?

The football shirt community was in raptures yesterday with the release of the new Venezia home shirt from Kappa, and the outstanding design generated levels of excitement beyond the typical kit.

Once the euphoria died down though, focus quickly shifted to the away shirt. How would the 2021 Venezia away shirt compare to it’s home compatriot? Would the away go down a similar artistic direction?

Venezia FC

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Kappa and creative agency Fly Nowhere have offered up the legendary Arancioneroverde colours in a different flavour to the home, and I’m all for it.

The first thing that grabs you is the triangle pattern which spans the front of the shirt. As with the elements of the home shirt, this is not a random design decision but rather another example of storytelling which matches the overarching theme of the collection.

Taking inspiration from traditional Venetian mosaics found throughout the city’s architecture, the triangles create a striking look especially in combination with a gradient fade that moves from orange, to black to green. That same shade can be seen in the central band which neatly underpins the “Venezia” ‘sponsor’ which, if you look closely, is a subtle shade of gold.

Speaking of gold, there have also been some tweaks to the Venezia crest. The primary crest design returns for this away shirt, after making way for an alternate look in the home, and the lick of gold paint to complement the sponsor is a pleasing tie-in.

A final note on the photoshoot that accompanied the release. The Venezia away comes alive when dancing between the shadows of the palazzos the shirt was shot in, and it’s in these pictures that you can truly appreciate what Kappa and Fly Nowhere were trying to do. Seeing the light radiate on he tiles of the mosaic floor connects the dots with the triangle pattern, and it's moments like these that really help to ground a shirt in your memory.

I’m left impressed once again by the fact that all parties involved here have decided to push the envelope and crest something bespoke, memorable and far beyond what you’d typically expect from year 1 of a new deal. In the new home and away shirts, you have two different flavours of Venezia to choose from. Both move the story of Arancioneroverde on in different but equally effective ways, and I sense there is much more to come.

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