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February 28, 2022 1 min read

2020 Manchester City home shirt review

Sorry guys, I think I might have caused this. A few weeks ago I wrote about how plain Manchester City’s recent shirts had been, and how I wanted a game changing pattern in their new release. But believe me, I never asked for this!

Sticking with the traditional sky blue base, the new City shirt is littered with white mosaic crack graphics, inspired by the mosaic artwork of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Much like Dortmund’s lightning bolt graphics, this grabs the attention of the viewer, but certainly lives on a knife’s edge in terms of how aesthetically pleasing it is. It certainly doesn’t help that this pattern does not continue to the shirt’s back, which leaves the whole design feeling incomplete.

The one thing this shirt has going for it - aside from the sleek shoulder panels - is that it might be a grower. Since I saw the first leaks last week, I seem to like the shirt a little more on each viewing. But that doesn’t quite mean that I like it just yet!

3/5 stars

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