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February 05, 2022 1 min read

We caught up with Sam Smith, co-founder of the excellent Season Annual, to talk about the 1995 Arsenal away shirt and Freddie Ljungberg scoring in the FA cup final. This interview was done as part of our My First Football Shirt series


What was your first ever football shirt?

The Arsenal Away Kit from 1995-96. I had it in long-sleeve too so that I could copy Bergkamp. Arsenal away kits are always a bit special.


What is your favourite ever football shirt?

For me it’s the Boca Juniors kits when Maradona was playing for them, just so simple and so iconic.


What is your favourite football moment?

Freddie Ljungberg scoring Arsenal's second goal in the 2002 FA Cup Final. I was at the game with my dad and watching Ljungberg burst through the middle from the wing, outmuscle John Terry and bend it into the bottom right corner was incredible.


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