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February 24, 2022 1 min read

We caught up with Chris Rann from George Weah’s Cousin to talk about

retroLiverpool shirts, sponsorless sash kits and Marian Pahars scoring for Southampton vs Portsmouth. This interview is part of our My First Football Shirt series.

What was your first football shirt? 

Though I’m ashamed to admit it, coming from a scouse family it was the 1986 Liverpool home shirt. It’s a classic to be fair, simple but effective, with three Adidas stripes on the shoulder, a v-neck and crown paints as the sponsor. Retro is cool.

What is your favourite football shirt? 

It has to be the the 2010/11 sponsor free ‘sash’ Saints kit. Simple yet brilliant design, and a symbol of Saints rebuild back to where we belong. Any shirt that doesn’t have a sponsor has a touch of class about it.

What is your favourite goal?

I’ve been incredibly lucky to witness many Le Tissier classics, but in terms of symbolism, timing, skill, passion and pleasure inducing it has to be Marian Pahars goal against Pompey at St. Mary’s in 2003. He turned their defence inside out and then curled one if from 25 yards before celebrating like a lad who had grown up in Eastleigh, not Riga in Latvia!

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